Help Section

This section is to help you through the website with any issues you may face. Currently this site is in development, but once the system is up and running this section will answer some of the popular questions.

I bookmarked a CAPTCHA but the page has changed
Our CAPTCHAs are stored in various categories and then by alphabetical name. We suggest that go to the ALL CAPTCHAs section and bookmark the CAPTCHA from that section. This part of the download section lists the CAPTCHAs in the order they were added to the system along with their ID number. This is permanent so if you link to this then you will have no problem.
An example is CAPTCHA SAM. This can be found on the search page by searching for CAPTCHA SAM. From here you will find the link to the CAPTCHA that you can share with others. Then you will find CAPTCHA SAM.

Search results show other CAPTCHAs too
The way the search engine has been setup is to display results that match whole words. Using the above example "CAPTCHA SAM", this will show CAPTCHA SAM and CAPTCHA MARS. Now if you want to remove certain entries, you can also enter "-MARS" or additionally you can use speach marks ("CAPTCHA SAM"). This will hide that result and you will see the following search result.

The website does not display properly
This sort of problem is due to the setup of your machine, the Operating system and possibly due to the website browser you are using. The website looks like this. You will need a browser that displays images (so lynx is out the question). Secondly you will need support for CSS2 (aka stylesheets) and XHTML 1.0.

This mumbo jumbo may be confusing so to make it easier, we have made a table that should make this clearer. The table checks for useability. Not all of the websites function properly with all the browsers, however we have some workarounds. First of all, the table below shows a list of browsers and if tested a "y/n" to say if it works or not. If you find different, please let us know the browser your were using, screen resolution used and the Operating system (Windows, MAC, Linux and so on) you were on.

Web Browser Visual Check CSS2 RSS Useable
Chrome 1 y y n y
Chrome 2 y y n y
Chrome 17 y y n y
Firefox 2 y y y y
Firefox 3 y y y y
Firefox 4 n y y y
Firefox 8 y y y y
Firefox 11 y y y y
Internet Explorer 5 n n n n
Internet Explorer 6 n n n y
Internet Explorer 7 n n y y
Internet Explorer 8 y y y y
Internet Explorer 9 y y y y
Internet Explorer 10 y y y y
Konqueror 3.5.4-13.5 (1999-2005) y y y y
Opera 9.25 y y y y
Opera 9.50 y y y y
Opera 10 y y y y
Opera 11.60 y y y y
Safari 3 y y y y
Safari 5.02 y y n y
Sea Monkey 1.1.3 n n y y

Some explanations of this table.

Other browsers have not been tested as we can only cover a certain amount of software and hardware specifications between the team. Out of all the Operating systems this includes Windows (2000, XP and Vista, 7), MAC OSX 10, Linux (CentOS 5, Fedora 7 and Ubuntu 7). We hope this information helps you (even a little bit).

Update from January 2012 - We no longer support Windows 2000 (IE6 or less). In 2016 we stopped support for Windows XP (other OS's including browsers over 5 years old). If you are unable to view the website properly we will aim to help you but we want you all to know what we are working with currently. The content should still display well. We have reduced development time for Mac OS's with a lack of people using the OS on this website. This will change if visitor numbers increase in the future.

If you feel the website has helped you gain knowledge of CAPTCHAs or helped you make them you can donate to the author click here to donate. This is a voluntary donation. You can continue using the website even without donating if you wish.

If you need any help with any part of this site, please feel free to contact us. Thank you.