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Coding Issues
b_birak Post 1 - Sun, 22nd Jan 2012 07:49:19pm
If there is a CAPTCHA you have created or one you are editing and you are stuck with the coding, let us know about it and we will help you debug the error.
ketutsuparta Post 2 - Wed, 6th Jun 2012 04:04:35am
I Just download the captcha and how do I install it to my html form? need help
b_birak Post 3 - Fri, 8th Jun 2012 10:59:22pm
Please see the following posts: post 1 and post 2. In order to use CAPTCHAs created using PHP, you need to install them on a server with APACHE. I would speak to your website host to verify that you can use PHP files on the website.

If it is for a standard computer, install a product that runs AMP (APACHE, MySQL and PHP). Some examples for a Windows Operating System are LAMP, XAMP and EasyPHP

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