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Any Requests?
b_birak Post 1 - Sun, 22nd Jan 2012 07:42:46pm
Please let us know if:
-There is a CAPTCHA that you would like created, but don't know how to create one.
SUAng Post 2 - Sat, 22nd Sep 2012 10:15:12am
make for WAP, captcha to simple, small, and matematick style eg: 1 + 1 = ...
b_birak Post 3 - Sat, 22nd Sep 2012 03:13:57pm
The website has been tested on a smart phone and the CAPTCHAs load fine. When submitting our answer we are prompted if we got the answer right or wrong. In our testing we were able to submit a successful asnwer. For phones with smaller screens it would be a good idea to use Multi Plus with smaller text.

As for WAP, this is a technology that is fading away as the majority of smart phones display websites using existing HTML technologies.

We are sorry because we no longer have a phone that just supports WAP and as a result it would be difficult to create a CAPTCHA for that market. If you happen to have a working CAPTCHA, please shared a link to it or upload it (if it\'s your own) to the website to share with the community. Thank you.

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