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b_birak Post 1 - Sun, 31st Jan 2010 03:17:59pm
Please rate CAPTCHAs on the downloads page.

You can rate a CAPTCHA based on the following:
- Clarity: How clear is the text in the CAPTCHA?
- Calculation: How easy did you find it to work out the answer to the CAPTCHA?

Additionally, you can add comments (not compulary). Please help others decide on how useful the CAPTCHAs are as we want to help everyone.

NB. Once you have rated a certain CAPTCHA, you cannot rate it again. You will see a message if you have already rated a CAPTCHA.

If you want to ask questions about CAPTCHAs or wish to have a rant about them, please use this forum as the downloads page is not a discussion board. Thank you.

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