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Categories - What are they and how can I use them?

Categories are used to separate information into topics, criteria or even personal likes and dislikes. On the download section there are multiple categories to help list the CAPTCHAs that may be of interest to you. They include:

  • All - You can view all the CAPTCHAs in the order they were added.
  • Alphabetical - Used to sort all the CAPTCHA names in A-Z order. This is useful if you know the name of the CAPTCHA but don't know other information about it.
  • Popularity - Which CAPTCHAs have been downloaded the most by our viewers.
  • Puzzles - This is a type of CAPTCHA that uses a logical puzzle.
  • Questions - This is a type of CAPTCHA that displays a question that you need to answer (eg. What colour is the sky? These types of CAPTCHAs can also be used as a learning tool (eg. math CAPTCHA with addition of numbers).
  • Format - This is used to help you find CAPTCHAs written in a certain website language that would run on a web server or locally on your machine. This can include: PHP, ASP, .NET, JSP and others. Please note that only PHP CAPTCHAs will run on this server. Others will be shown as images but you can still download them. SQL ones could be MySQL, MS SQL or even SQL Lite. The hint here will be the addition of PHP, ASP or another web technology.

Ratings - How are CAPTCHAs rated and how can I use this information?

The CAPTCHAs on this website are rated on the Clarity and the Calculation.

  • Clarity - This is based on how easy the CAPTCHA is to read.
  • Calculation - This is based on how difficult the content is to work out like answering a question.